setembro 7, 2011

Se algo parece certo é porque,


está errado.

Boris Karloff e Bela Lugosi,

(Frankenstein e Drácula),

esses outros tantos corpos.

Por que tamanha obsessão

em manter eterna a farsa?

Dois tipos de nós mesmos,

para a própria salvaguarda dos desígnios:

reflete-se interna,

a verdade não vaza.










…the more things are wrong, the more we must act as if all were right.

…‘what a boy are you! What harm has come to you? What harm can come to you if you hold your tongue? Why, man, do you know what this life is? There are two squads of us – the lions and the lambs.

To rustic neighbourhoods, where love is more than commonly tenacious, and where some bonds of blood or fellowship unite the entire society of a parish, the body snatcher, far from being repelled by natural respect, was attracted by the ease and safety of his task.

– Some excerpts from The Body Snatcher by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1884.